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Magic Creme "Hair Souffle" 8 oz.-D.D. Daughters Lace Wig Beautique

Magic Creme "Hair Souffle" 8 oz.

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Our new hair food is infused with high quality essential and carrier oils, to ensure hair growth while leaving the hair ultra soft...and manageable!⁠
🌟No flaking or residue⁠
🌟Dries almost instantly⁠
🌟Adds shine and softness⁠
🌟Nourishes & stimulates hair growth⁠
🚨Grow your baby hairs back!!🚨⁠
Shop yours now and thank us later..dont slay and damage those edges, slay and grow them with D.D. Daughters Edge Control!⁠
🌱No Parabens or Alcohol🌱⁠