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Medical Wig Information


If you need a wig or hair piece for an existing medical condition, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance provider. If you do not have health coverage through an independent insurance provider, you may be eligible to submit your receipts to Internal Revenue Agency, as additional medical expenses.

Coverage and your eligibility will vary greatly by your health insurance company. In order to find out if you're eligible for medical prosthetic wig coverage,

D.D. Daughters Lace Wig Beautique recommends that you make a Hair Unit Consultation Appointment: CLICK HERE

  1. Contact your health insurance company to find out if a medical hair replacement unit or cranial hair prosthesis wig qualifies for reimbursement, and if so what the parameters are.

  2. If you don’t have additional health benefits consult your accountant in regards to claiming additional medical expenses with the IRS.

PLEASE NOTE: We will do this for you, it's important to use the correct terminology. For correct information about medical coverage,they will need our credentials for your reimbursement.


  • Alopecia Hair Loss

  • Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss

  • Radiation Related Hair Loss

  • Thyroid Related Hair Loss

  • Kidney Related Hair Loss

  • Cancer Related Hair Loss

  • Medical Issue Related Hair Loss

The process of dealing with hair loss can be emotionally traumatic and hard to deal with. We strive to find the best solution that will make you feel comfortable and help you transition into a replacement hair system that will look and feel natural.